Taxi without drivers


Have you imagine taking a cab without a person driving it? Or call to a taxi operator  and when you look your taxi arrive is practicely alone? Or wait! the most impactant, can you imagine a cab without steering wheels, mirrors, or brakes? That is sound crazy! We still using horses to move in the farm and now we find this new. But it is true, we already can see it in France. However we have to know the pros and cons, and all about these Level four autonomy cars. Let it see!

One of the cons of these new cars are that they can not work in all conditions or regions; one because of the kind of highway and the other because of the lack of signal (as  they are not driving by a physical person, they must be controled by networks. France´s Navya unveils Autonum Cab, a Level 4 autonomous taxi now available for orders which are tested on Paris´ streets, and they say, they are ready to work.

Another company which is announcing the use of this kind of cars is Waymo, but they are offering they own service, unlike Navya will not operate the actual service, they rather sell the units to local partners who oversee the transportation network which is the main way to control them.

The individual cars are changing, the young people is not interested in getting their driving license, and consecuently the individual vehicle are fewer and fewer use them. People from today are looking for personalized solutions for their travels, and one of them which really care by youngers is to get transportation 24/7, which could be safety, a lower charge and comfort.

France is ready to gain more units and they are preparing all the requirements they need to start a great line of Level 4 autonomus cars, we have not believed yet that is true, it is a big step of transportation services; they are going to be equipped with GPS system and you must download an app to get one; they find your localization and go for you, take you to your destination and tell you the charge. As easy as you read, as complicated as we imagine it is; we must adapt to all these changes that are happening in our world, now France with Navya, San Francisco with Waymo, and tomorrow we do not know which country and the technological advance.

Audi said that they would be the first to sell one level 3 car to the people, that model is Audi A8 sedan; it could be the first car of its dimension to be sole by a recognized trademark. This option is going to be offered just in Germany because of its rules on the road, but after then, they are going to offer it to nearby countries.

The main problem why they do not be now on the streets is because of the networks, the rules on the road and essentially the creation of more units with several improvements. Meanwhile, we hope to live for seeing the advances that are going to be manufactured; but it is not everything yet, there is another model that is being created and tested.

The another is a Level 5 car is being the highest autonomous driving level; it has multiple radars and cameras, and also has space for six people. All of these new models will be equipped with culturals research from France, the choose of the music the passengers like, and the facility to get a ticket for cultural atractions on the country. We mostly think about the new inventions, inventions which are on the top of technology transportation, we guess that all the things created now are being improved in a short time.

This company has already signed some partnerships with transportation services, France has the Paris-based Keolis and are increasing the numbers of units needed, because the country is pretty touristic and all the people have to move from house, job or hotels. On the other hand, the transportation service in France is one the most advanced in the world, but it is because of the investment they do; all the means of transportation have their own improvement, their singular way to be booked and their own specifications.

New companies want to gain one level 4 car, but they must be approved on their country, must be according to the rules of the road and the other cons why they can not get one yet, is because the network which opérate the cars is not available in all the countries; France has tested some cars with these funtions, and Paris has become in the first city which has the level 4 car on function. If someone had told that this kind of cars were going to be created, we had not believed; the people still saying that the world keep changing to improve the quality of life, but we must not abuse of the technological advanced, because we could find things that we can not understand.

Now returning to the main point; we could go no paying any attention, and those cars just take you to the place you asked to go, it is simple! Imagine that you go to your college and you forgot to do your homework, the solution is on the level 4 cars, it is going to take you safe and with enough time to do your work, you do not have to be careful about a crash, because this new cars will simplify the frustating road to your destination, we even play cards, see videos, play videogames, eat or drink something and you will be at your objective in inclusive less time.

So far, there is any company selling the level 4 cars to the public in general, they are just be selling to transportation companies, but it could change in some years. If we are waiting for more of these advantage, we just have to wait a little more, they could be turning around the corner. French people have less frustation and less stress at the momento they travel; they do it with just one call, say your ubication, wait the car, say your the destination and enjoy the travel while you choose what you want to see or listen, to drink or eat, during you do these things, sit back and wait until you arrive to your objective.

But this is the main factor of the level cars serves, they need a software company. All the hardwareis ready, but without software, we can not do the cars move. And here is when Google appears, the software tells, those cars where to go or what to do, it is called Formal Logic, even then, it stills in progress, they need to perform some extras to make the cars more sensitives.

They basically provide instructions or a list of rules from the roads to be covering by the cars. In France, they do not have that problems about crash cars following one to another; the autonomous cars should be driven better than a person drive, because although you are late, they are not going to exceed the speed limits according the road is taken. That could be another cons, in general,the most of the people always go late.

What happens if you are late to your job? Sorry, my friend, the level 4 cars are specially adjusted to respect all the rules on the road, no matter if you start to say a lot of obscene words; the destination is already given, so,you must to stay patiently while you arrive; but we have a pros among all of that situations, remember that the software is generated by Google, so it looks for the best and short way to go to your objective, they know what time is the crows and which are the roads more travelled.

We do not lie when say that many people will not like the way that the autonomous vehicle will drive, and it is because of the same point taken above; the cars keep safe, but the thing which may feel uncomfortable to customers is the long difference of the way a person would drive and the form of the system does; it could cause anxiety, stress and missunderstanding, because we still thinking that we could drive better, faster and safer (because of a fail on the system), we do not hope, it improves, but we are using the technology up to the way we communicate with our relatives, friends and more.

One way to improve your competitive is going to be the adoption of this new system of transportation; we create more networks, customers and powerful alliances, while France keep growing, our people still doing too. We sometimes take a taxi drives by a man, the only question he does is, -what is your destination?- and then he also talk to you, just to ask for the money, you must to pay; they definitely are not good hosts; but nowadays with this new system on road, if you want to talk about something, even unknown for you, you could do it and you are going to finish knowing about a new topic. Interesting? You must try to take one autonomous car when you visit France.

Have you asked if you are treated the best way? Some cabman are so irritating that we could  not handle with them; they act like the person who knows everything, but we certainly know, there is not that person, they do not exist. But using this transportation, we could ask even about how they were manufactured; remember to have not limits in your question, the only thing, you want is to know about something that could be unknown for you. And why do we think those level 4 cars are going to answer us? The software they use is integrated by Google, which question could be out of their data base?

In addition imagine that you do not have the enough time to vist the places you want to; these cars have programmed the cultural view of France, a little touch of all the customs, traditions and places to visit from there. Sometimes we let to go to a place because we do not have the enough money and we must spend yet, so here is when you could play all the information which is integrated on the autonomous vehicles. But it is not the only way you can enjoy, they also could have a digital library, choose the book you have always wanted to read.

France is updating the way of the people see it, it is changing to improve, they are investing for tourism, for people who live there and want to have a sofisficated city, better means of transport and great adventures. People from France are committed to give a great service, to create conditions for others and serve like a stepping Stone on your way. They would like to keep in touch with customers because they can refer them or come back again.

One other advantage that the customer has is the exact ubication; when you call a cabman they say are near, and tell you, -I will be there in five minutes!- but we sometimes wait over fifteen minutes and the taxi driver is not there. With this precise system, you are going to wait the time which is given to you when the call ends. France is more and more sofisticated each day and all the people who is visiting it, are convinced about it. Using this level 4 cars, the people would like to go back in others holy days to spend the time with their entire family.

New way to move from the airport to the hotel, safer, faster, and better; feel youself like a boss, going on the autonomous car make you happier than before you call, play the music and enjoy your road.

Ask to yourself! Why do not call one of them when you arrive France?